The general terms and conditions for the participants of the 10th Salsa Power Festival organized by Sport&dance center Buba are essential and binding part of the contract-registration between Sport&dance center Buba and the individual who visited the 10th Salsa Power Festival.


By registering to the 10th Salsa Power Festival each individual is expected to pay the adequate fee within the deadline. In case the registration fee has not been paid before the festival, the participant must pay the sufficient amount at the time of the festival, before the start of the workshops.


If canceling your attendance at 10th Salsa Power Festival until September 1st 2013, you will be charged with 30 EUR administration fee and the price difference will be refunded to you. For cancellations after September 1st 2013, only half of your price will be refunded. After September 30th 2013 no cancellations or refunds will be possible!


Sport-dance center Buba is holding all rights to change the time, location and price of the workshops and parties without prior notice.


Sport&dance center Buba will not be held responsible for any physical injuries or thefts that might occur during and on event locations of 10th Salsa Power Festival. Participating at the festival is at your own risk!


The festival's participant is bound to behave in accordance with the general rules of conduct and within the existing Slovenian laws – all while respecting the house rules of all locations of the festival. In case of misdemeanor, breaking the rules and/or any laws or in case of any illegal conduct you will be in the jurisdiction of the police station Bežigrad or the Ljubljana court of justice.


During 10th Salsa Power Festival the organizers and their authorized photographers will be taking pictures and filming activities at all workshops, evening parties and other additional events. Collected photo/video materials will be used for different publications and for promotional purposes (websites, newsletters, public releases, FaceBook, TV,…) and for all future festivals and projects organized by Sport&dance center Buba. All participants, visitors, performers, instructors, etc. agree to publishing their photos/videos without any compensation.On written request, organizer can remove certain photo from public domain contents.





17th- 19th

October 2014



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